Pixie was picked up from an inhumane hoarding/breeding home with 15 other Chihuahuas in June 2015.  All of the Chihuahuas that were picked up were unsocialized, fearful and seemed very traumatized.  Animal Control thinks these animals were kept inside a small home for most of their lives.  We definitely think this sweet girl was used for breeding, she looks like she's had multiple litters.

Pixie found herself on the red-list at South LA shelter and was set to be euthanized when her foster angel, Karen, stepped up to save her life.  It took Pixie less than a week to start coming out of her shell in her loving foster home, and we've loved watching her transform from a dog that was extremely scared of people, to learning to trust again.  She is still shy at first, but warms up quickly and bonds easily with humans that show her love.

Pixie is 6 years old, 8 pounds, house trained, spayed, crate trained and current on shots.  She loves going for walks and gets along well with other dogs.  She would do best in a home with other small dogs and an owner who will be patient and very loving towards her.


Pixie grew up in a home with 14 other Chihuahuas, so she loves having furry siblings to hang out with.  Other dogs make her feel more comfortable and confident!

Pixie's ideal home would include at least one other pup for her to snuggle with.  She's really good at snuggling :) 

When we first pulled Pixie from South LA shelter, she was a very traumatized little girl.  She did not trust us and she was in a lot of pain from her spay surgery.  We got to Ready Pet's headquarters and opened up her crate door and she ran right into the smallest little corner of the bathroom to hide from us.  She sat there, shaking in pain and fear for an hour and wouldn't let anyone near her.  Finally, with the help of some treats, she let us pick her up.  She was much better once she was in our arms, being gently loved on and reassured.

Now that she's been in a loving foster home for a bit, she has completely warmed up and is a much more well-adjusted dog!  Sometimes all they need is a little bit of love! 


Karen, Pixie's foster mom, takes her to the office with her everyday, and takes special trips like to her horse ranch, so Pixie is learning how awesome it is to be out and about instead of stuck inside a house like she was in her previous home.