Pekoe is an 11-year-old Chihuahua who was brought to Harbor shelter with her sister Pearl after her beloved owner passed away.  Pekoe & Pearl had been stuck in the shelter system for 5 long months when they found themselves on the red-list and in line for euthanasia.  A foster angel named Donna stepped up to save their lives by providing them a temporary home, and we were able to save these ladies just in the nick of time!

Pekoe is one of the biggest lap dogs we've met!  She just wants to be your little shadow and make sure your lap is warm at all times!  She also likes walks but nothing tops snuggles!  

Pekoe has been seen by our private vet who said she is in great shape health-wise!  Her heart sounds good, her teeth look good, her eyes have a little bit of cloudiness but that's normal in a Chi of her age and her bloodwork came back normal!

Pekoe would make a great friend for another senior who is looking for a companion and love.  



This video was made while Pekoe & Pearl were still in the shelter by Harbor shelter volunteer, Anabelle.