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Pearl was taken to Harbor shelter in April 2015 after her owner passed away. She was brought in with her sister Pekoe, and there they waited in their cage for 5 long months, everyday being passed by likely due to their age.  In August, these two "Golden Girls" were placed on the red-list and set for euthanasia.  Ready Pet rescued them in the 11th hour thanks to their awesome foster mama, Donna, who opened her heart and home to two senior sisters in need.

Pearl may be 12 years old, but she is full of life and love!  She is a 16 pound Dachshund / Chow mix with an amazing coat and perma-smile on her face.  She loves to cuddle and be on your lap, and when it's time to be mellow she's very good at that!  She also likes to be active and loves taking walks and playing. 

Pearl was seen by our private vet who gave her a clean bill of health.  Her eyes, heart and teeth all look great for her age and her blood panel came back totally normal.  Even though she was stuck in the shelter system, we think she was well cared for and loved before that and it shows.  Pearl would make a great companion for an active senior or just about anyone really, she is a great dog!



This video was taken by Harbor shelter volunteer, Anabelle, while Pearl & Pekoe were still in the shelter system.