"First off, thank you so much for your interest in fostering a pup in need.   Opening your heart and home to a sweet soul is not only life-changing for the dog you foster, but also deeply rewarding for you.   By fostering a shelter dog, you are taking them off of death row in doggie jail and providing them the safety and love that they are so desperate for.  They may not be able to say 'thank you' - but you can be sure they'll communicate that message by giving you lots of love back." - Ashley, Founder of Ready Pet



We provide: food, DOGbedS, toys, collar & leash, GROOMING, medical care and A SUPPORT SYSTEM



 - Provide love, attention, and a warm home to one of our rescue dogs

 - Coordinate with us to transport dog(s) to adoption events 

- Take fosters to their vet appointments, and provide any at-home care needed (giving medication, etc.)

- Keep foster dog clean and groomed

- Be easily accessible to Ready Pet when there are adoption inquiries and communicate with Ready Pet about dog's wellbeing and progress

- Take pictures regularly and send them to us for posting on social media

- Please be sure you have the time to exercise foster dogs regularly (walks, dog park, etc.)

-  All fosters must sign our Foster Agreement

- Foster dogs must be allowed to live inside your home, and shall not be chained up or locked outside at any time

 - It's OK if you have other dog(s) at home, as long as the dog(s) get along with your foster pup

- Ready Pet does not pay for any damage the foster dog may cause to your home (ie peeing on the carpet)

- Ready Pet is not liable for any injuries sustained from a foster dog (ie bites)

- Fosters have first rights to adopt their foster dog so long as Ready Pet agrees it's a good fit.  We do allow you to foster a dog you're interested in with the intention of adopting if all goes well.

- Currently, you must live in Southern California in order to foster for Ready Pet.

NOTE: If we are pulling a dog out of the shelter that you have committed to fostering, we ask that you meet us at the shelter so you can immediately take possession of the dog.  If your foster dog is "not working out" in your home we understand that, but we ask that you stay committed to your foster dog until we're able to line up a replacement foster.   We do not have our own kennel facility (yet!) so we have nowhere to temporarily house dogs if a foster situation falls through. 

We can't wait for you to begin helping us spoil shelter dogs, so please fill out the following info so we can get to know you better!  After review, we will be in touch to discuss next steps.  If you have any questions please e-mail Ashley at

Your Date of Birth
Your Date of Birth
Do you live in an apartment, condo or house? Do you rent or own? How many people live in your home? Do you have a backyard?
If you'd like to be matched with a dog, please list the types of dogs you're willing to foster (ie big or small breeds, special needs, seniors, shy/fearful dogs, puppy, breed preference, dogs with behavior issues, long-term hospice care)
Please include breed and age
Some common reasons include: not good with other dogs/cats, not good with children, housetraining issues, shy/fearful/under-socialized dog, scratching/biting, barking, separation anxiety