Q: Why do you focus on rescuing Chihuahuas?

A: There are more Chihuahuas in Southern California shelters than any other small breed, so these little guys need our help!  We also were inspired to create Ready Pet after founders Ashley & Dexter rescued their beloved pet Chihuahua, Devo, in 2011.

Q: I need to find a new home for my pet, can you take him/her?

A: Unfortunately, because we are a small, home-based rescue - we can not accept owner surrenders.  We encourage you to step up, roll up your sleeves and get to work advertising in newspapers, on social media, putting up posters in your community and other efforts until you find a good home for your pet.  They deserve it.

Q: How can I help Ready Pet?

A: The best way to help right now is by sharing our pups on social media, spreading the word to your friends & family, donating when possible and of course, by adopting a sweet pup in need if you're able to!