Bug is a 3-year-old Chiweenie with a bodacious weiner bod and a very mellow personality.  Bug was taken from an inhumane hoarding situation and brought to South LA shelter in April 2015.  She was extremely timid and fearful in the shelter, and after being locked up for over 3 months we broke her free and show her what real love is like.

Her foster mom, Sevana, has watched this 18 lb princess go from jumpy and skittish to feeling comfortable and confident within a short period of time.  She is still a little on the timid side but has learned to trust her foster mom and each week her happiness and gratefulness shines through more and more.

Bug is very well-behaved.  She is not a barker, is housetrained, does well with other dogs and doesn't chew.  She would do well in a mellow home (no rowdy kids, please) who will go slowly with her while she opens up.  Once she falls in love with a human, it's worth the little bit of extra effort!