Ready Pet's Chihuahuas are rescued from local Los Angeles kill shelters, many are red-listed and in line for euthanasia.   We provide them with warm, loving foster homes and help tell their stories through social media to connect them with their 4ever homes.  By choosing to adopt from Ready Pet, you'll open up a space for another dog in need in the shelter right now.  Help us help them!  


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Ready Pet is excited to announce our partnership with UR KITTEN ME - a new boutique in Culver City, CA that was launched by Ready Pet's founder Ashley Ranger.  

UR KITTEN ME is donating 10% of its proceeds to Ready Pet on a monthly basis!  This partnership has allowed us to take on dogs that are more expensive to care for due to medical or behavioral needs.  Please check out our shop if you're in the LA area and have some fun shopping while supporting our rescue at the same time!   You may even see a Ready Pet there - they're no strangers to the store!

UR KITTEN ME is your new favorite place to shop in Culver City, California.  

We carry an adorable, ever-changing selection of designer handbags, jewelry, beauty products, home decor and all-around awesome things!

The best part is, our items are priced at up to 90% off the regular retail price - no kitten!

UR KITTEN ME is located at 4366 Sepulveda Boulevard in Culver City, California.  

We are open Tuesday through Friday from 11am to 7pm and Saturday from 12pm to 5pm.

Get more info at