Ready Pet is a non-profit Chihuahua rescue located in Los Angeles, California


3/7/15:  We have some sad, bad news to share about our chunky monkey, Dom.  Today Dom was seen by a vet for his last follow-up before being adopted and we were informed that his elbow has not healed and he will need a pretty costly surgery within the next week to correct the injuries he sustained after being hit by a car a few weeks ago.  We are still waiting on the exact costs but we've been quoted $3,000 to $5,000, so we are launching a big fundraiser to raise the money Dom needs to get back on his feet!  Any donations made to Dom will go directly to his medical care and is 100% tax deductible as Ready Pet is a 501(c)3 non-profit.  We appreciate any donation that can be made to this sweet boy's care.  Big, wet kisses from Dom to you!

3/15/15: Dom underwent 3 surgeries last week... he was neutered, he had 7 large bladder stones removed from his urinary tract and he had his big elbow surgery to hopefully fix his tendon issues.  When the orthopedic surgeon got a better look at the damage on his elbow, it was worse than expected.  But with some screws, 6-8 weeks of rest and a lot of love he's expected to make a full recovery.  The total for all three surgeries ended up being $4500 after some big discounts from Bixby Knolls Animal Clinic.  We are only about halfway through the fundraising to cover these costs, so we still appreciate any donation you can spare towards paying Dom's medical bills!  Thank you!!

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Ready Pet's Chihuahuas are rescued from local Los Angeles kill shelters, many are red-listed and in line for euthanasia.  

We provide them with warm, loving foster homes and help tell their stories through social media to connect them with their 4ever homes. 

By choosing to adopt from Ready Pet, you'll open up a space for another dog in need in the shelter right now.  Help us help them! 


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Kerli Found 4ever

This sweet girl's foster mama, Toi, couldn't resist her and has decided to officially adopt her! Kerli is now living it up in Long Beach, CA.  Toi tells us she's fitting in perfectly and we couldn't be happier for our Kerli Girlie! 

Another Foster Win

Ruthie's awesome foster mama, Tracie, has decided to make it official and adopt this little Princess!  Ruthie will have 3 furry siblings, incluing Harriet - a fellow RP alum!  Now Tracie has her very own Ready Pet Set! 

Our Next Chapter

Ready Pet has begun working towards opening our very first brick & mortar kennel location which will allow us to expand our operations and save more pups in need - we'll be sharing more about how YOU can help very soon!