Little Miss Luna the Chiweenie is a total people-doggie.  She LOVES nice humans and other small dogs that she can play with.  She is a very sweet and just wants to be loved.  She is good on leash and is housetrained.


Bug is a well-behaved, mellow sausage-bodied Dachshund mix.  She is not a barker, is housetrained, and doesn't chew.  She's opening up more and more everyday after being in the shelter for 3 whole months and being in a hoarding situation prior to that.


Ziggy was very shy and fearful in the shelter, but now that he's out he's a whole new dog!  He's a total lover, and is so grateful to his foster daddies Brad and V for giving him the love he never had before.  If you're looking for a true sweetheart who will shower you with love, Ziggy's your guy!


Hope was found in a field in South LA and was on the red-list when we rescued her from the shelter.  She is teeny tiny and is looking for someone who will treat her like their little baby!  She likes to snuggle up on your lap and is good with other dogs.

Ready Pet's Chihuahuas are rescued from local Los Angeles kill shelters, many are red-listed and in line for euthanasia.   We provide them with warm, loving foster homes and help tell their stories through social media to connect them with their 4ever homes.  By choosing to adopt from Ready Pet, you'll open up a space for another dog in need in the shelter right now.  Help us help them!  

Thousands of dogs enter the Los Angeles shelter system each year - lost, left behind, forgotten.  Our goal with FREE THE FURBABIES is to shine a light on dogs that are stuck in the shelter system, help get their stories out in hopes that we can connect them with fosters or forever homes.